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VIKING LAIR™ Phone Popper and Card Holder

CONVENIENT & LIGHTWEIGHT - This durable silicone phone and cardholder is a very handy item that’s suitable for people who don’t want to bring bulky wallets with them.

FIRMLY HOLDS & SECURE YOUR ITEMS - If safety and security is a big issue for you then you can set aside your fears and doubts aside as this ultra adhesive item isn’t only capable of storing your phone and a variety of items that’s easy to lose like USB flash drives and a couple of cards such as your credit cards, identification cards, SD cards or sim cards.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY FOR TABLETS & SMARTPHONES - This item is compatible with a wide range of tablets and smartphones in the market.

AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF COLORS - If you’re the type of person who likes options then this will be perfect for you as you can choose from a wide array of Pantone colors. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you’ll absolutely find the right color that will complement and match your gadgets.

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