ORDER VIKING LAIR™ BPA-Free Water Bottle w/ Secret Storage


VIKING LAIR™ BPA-Free Water Bottle w/ Secret Storage

SUPERB LEAK PROTECTION - This outstanding water bottle helps you enjoy spill-proof sipping wherever you go. You can shake it as much as you want without worrying about any leakage. Whether you’re an athlete wanting to hydrate yourself or a parent who wants to make sure that your kids are drinking fluids, this leak-proof water bottle will keep those fluids in place.

EASY TO CLEAN AND FILL - This lovely water bottle is very easy to clean and fill because of its wide mouth. You can put ice or even put powdered juices inside it and you won’t experience difficulty stirring or drinking from it.

OFFERS UNIQUE STORAGE FUNCTION - Our unique water bottle provides secret storage compartment where you can store small items like your car and house keys among others, or some cash when you're out and on the go.

DURABLE & BPA-FREE - This water bottle will endure the test of time as it’s made from premium quality materials. You can confidently drink from it without any apprehensions and inhibitions as this reliable fluid buddy is corrosion-resistant, rust-proof and non-breakable.

PERFECT FOR BOTH INDOOR & OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - Whether you’re out hiking, at the office, by the beach or pool, this sturdy water bottle can keep up with you as its handy to bring to any activities.

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