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VIKING LAIR™ Beard Grooming Kit

Organic Oil & Balm - Viking Lair has taken the purest of organic oils to concoct the best potion for the growth of your beard and the well being of your skin. The oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants to keep your beard looking its best. The oil enhances hair growth and decreases the chances of clogged pores and acne. The balm keeps the beard settled into the style of your choosing.

Grooming Routine - Look sharp and make your beard look on point as this dapper beard kit will help you shape, tame and trim your mustache and beard like no other! It consists of superior quality products that seamlessly work together to give you longer and thicker beard.

Convenient & Portable Kit - This handy beard kit is something that you can happily bring with you anywhere you go. Gone are the days when you have to skip your beard grooming needs when out on a trip because this user-friendly kit won't take a lot of your bag/luggage space.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin - You don't need to worry about itchy beard and rashes as this beard kit is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Growing and maintaining the beard of your dreams is now easy peasy with our Viking Lair Beard Grooming Kit as it is safe to use for sensitive skin on a day to day basis.

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