Viking Yule Christmas

Just like how Vikings had festivals that resembled Halloween day or season, they also celebrated a festival known as Yule or Viking Christmas.            

Yule was celebrated between the Winter Solstice and the "Yule Sacrifice." During this period of time, the Vikings celebrated just like us by drinking, feasting, singing and playing games. Aside from that, they also made time for the Yule sacrifice rituals to give honor and thanks for the love of the spirits of their ancestors and mighty gods during the whole year. 

The Vikings also had a Yule tree or Christmas tree which they decorated with a bunch of tiny statues of their gods, as well as clothes and food. They even had Yule logs with carved runes for protection and Yule wreaths that were made of giant wheels. These wreaths would then be set on fire and thrown down the hills to wish for the return of the Sun. The last day of this celebration was on the 12th of January.           

Another important part of every Viking Yule was the presence of Yule Santa Claus and Yule goats. The goats were said to be related to Thor’s pair of goats and that men were believed to be dressed in goatskin while Yule carolling and were rewarded with food and drinks for doing so. On the other hand, one person during the VIking age dressed as the Old Man Winter and the different Viking families welcomed the Viking Yule version of Santa Claus to join them during their feasts. He was said to have rode a horse and wore a hooded cloak during the process. Some people even assumed that this man was Odin the allfather and that the horse that accompanied him was Sleipnir, the popular eight-legged horse from Norse mythology.                


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