Viking Pets

The Vikings had pets too back in the day. Their owners had them for different purposes. In today’s article, we’ll talk about the different pets that the Vikings used to own way back then.                     


Cats were one of the most preferred animals of the Vikings not just for their soft fur and appearance, but due to the fact that these animals had special skills. For instance, cats could help catch mice on the farm in order to prevent them from further damaging the harvests. When it came to religious beliefs, cats were associated with fertilization and Goddess Freya.              


Viking age dogs were considered a man’s best friend. In fact, they helped Viking farmers carry and move lifestocks. They were very helpful animals and the Vikings loved them because archaeologists found dog remains along with human remains in many Viking excavations. This goes to show that these animals were valuable for the Vikings that they wanted to be with them even in the afterlife.    

Peacocks, falcons, and hawks 

One of the ways the wealthy and noble Vikings back in the day showed off their social rank, great fortune and richness was by owning peacocks, falcons and hawks.

Having these birds as pets were signs of an affluent and powerful person. This is not surprising at all because hawks and falcons were exported after being captured in Norway. And poor Vikings didn’t have the means to afford exported animals.                                        

Also, peacocks became one of the favorite birds among wealthy Viking communities after the economic relations of the Vikings travelled across the Mediterranean sea. 


Bears are big animals that aren’t very convenient and safe to be around in one’s home in this day and age. However, the Vikings actually used to keep these animals as pets. And during the Viking age, these animals were kept as pets by both wealthy and non-wealthy Viking men. In fact, the first generation of Viking settlers who moved to Iceland were the first settlers who brought their bears with them. Unfortunately, the idea of bears as pets was quickly dismissed and abandoned because of the damages that these animals could do to the community.           


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