Viking Jewelry Part 2

In this day and age, we can find a lot of pieces of Viking jewelry sold across the globe (whether online or in-store). These ornaments were either used for decorative purposes and other functional reasons of male and female Vikings of different ranks and social status.  However, not a lot of people are aware of their history and background despite the popularity of the Vikings television show. If you haven’t read Part 1 then click here. This is just the continuation and part 2 of our Viking jewelry blog post.

Viking rings

Viking rings were one of the most famous Viking jewelry in the 21st century. However, this jewelry type took some time to become popular during the VIking age. These stylish hand adornments were usually found in a lot of Viking grave sites and were crafted with flexibility in mind. The reason why most of these were open ended was due to the fact that Vikings wanted them to quickly fit on different finger sizes with no pain and discomfort. 

Viking earrings

Vikings earrings were intricate adornments that were not as popular unlike other Viking jewelry types In fact, this was the least common Norse jewelry. However, despite the lack of popularity, they were  worn by both genders. When we talk about their design, what they had in the Viking age was completely different than what we have now. Back in the day, Viking earrings were bigger and designed to cover the whole ear as opposed to just hanging them from the earlobe. 

Viking bracelets 

Viking bracelets, also known as the Viking rings or Viking armbands, were extremely popular in the Viking culture and typically made from top grade metals. They came in different flattering designs and shapes and either used for commercial and decorative purposes. Just like other Viking jewelry types, Viking bracelets were also used to showcase and display one’s material wealth and social standing.     

Viking brooches

Since the Vikings liked to look good and adorn themselves with pieces of Viking jewelry, it’s not surprising that brooches were also popular back then. It was considered an essential and a very important jewelry piece to hold clothing in place. 

There were a lot of brooch styles out there but the famous styles were penannular (mostly worn by men) and oval brooches (mostly worn by women). These brooches were typically fastened and placed on the right shoulder of the wearer with the pin facing upward. And in order to make dressing more visually appealing for Viking women, they would often add a chain of colored beads aside from the single penannular brooch that they used on their dresses, cloaks, aprons, etc. 

There you have it. Humans definitely love to look good and this was very evident during the Viking age.  Viking jewelry was undeniably highly valued possessions; not just admired and loved for their symbol of beauty and prestige, but also used as part of their culture and tradition. 

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