The Story Behind Thor’s Hammer

Thor (The God of Thunder) owned a hammer or popularly known today as “Mjölnir.” There’s no denying that Thor’s hammer played a significant role in Norse religious rituals and practices. In Norse mythology, this weapon was considered one of the most powerful weapons in existence. This famous hammer was not just used by Thor to guard Asgard against the giant, but it was also used by him to defend the Aesir gods. 

The Mjölnir definitely helped Thor harness his connection to the storm and lighting during combats. It has provided him incredible strength and resilience to emerge triumphant in many deadly battles over the centuries. 

This hammer of Thor has been regarded for its phenomenal defending power against enemies and other negative influences and forces. It was indeed a famous weapon that a lot of people in this day and age recognize. However, not everyone is aware about its origin. If you happen to be one of them then this blog post will provide you information about the story of Thor’s highly respected Mjölnir.

The story began when Loki was pranking other people. His funny antics led him to cut the beautiful golden hair of Sif (Thor’s wife). After cutting her hair, Thor found out about it and he wasn’t very happy about what Loki did to his wife’s hair. Loki felt guilty and promised to make up for his misbehavior by bringing better hair and other treasures that the Gods will appreciate. 

When Thor gave him permission to do that, he went to Svartalfheim (the home of the dwarves). This place was where one can find the most skillful craftsmen. He met the sons of Ivaldi and asked them to create an alternative hair for Sif and other lovely possessions. They agreed to help Loki and he was able to get the golden hair he promised for Thor’s wife along with Skidbladnir (a ship that could be folded and used for sea and air travel) and a deadly spear called Gungnir.

After getting all these precious things, he still remained in Svartalfheim and teased Brokkr and Sindri (dwarf brothers) that they could never beat and craft something better than the things the sons of Ivaldi were able to produce. He had no idea what he was getting himself into but he still dared the two brothers and told them that they could have his head if they would be able to come up with three better treasures. 

The brothers accepted the challenge and they were able to produce Gullinbursti (golden hair boar), Draupnir (a ring that could produce eight rings every nine days), and Mjölnir (the massive iron hammer that was said to never have missed its target).

Loki was quite sneaky during the challenge though. He would interrupt the two brothers many times while working on their treasures just to get advantage. He would transform himself into a fly and sting them to the point that Brokk’s eyelids even started bleeding and blocked his eyesight. This unfortunate incident happened while working on the Mjölnir. Due to this, Brokk immediately used his hand to clear his eye and accidentally spoiled the hammer’s handle (the only defect of this genius creation). 

The brothers were very proud of their work and made their way to Asgard to claim their compensation. However, Loki got there earlier than them. He handed Sif her new golden hair and gave Thor a hammer to make up for his wrongdoings. The other presents he brought with him were offered to Gods Odin and Freyr. 

Loki’s trip to Svartalfheim was an overall success. He escaped from losing his head due to his fast talk and only suffered from mouth pains when the two dwarf brothers sewed his mouth.

There you have it. That’s the story behind Thor’s hammer. It wasn’t something that he owned right away. It was just given to him as a gift by Loki to make amends for cutting his wife’s hair.       


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