The Bloodiest Viking Ritual That Will Freak People Out

The Vikings had a lot of rituals. Some of them were done annually, while others were done more often. Despite the variations, there’s no denying that their rituals are fascinating to learn, especially the weird, scary and mysterious ones. In today’s article, we’ll talk about the bloodiest ritual that would terrify and make you cringe. Read on to find out more!              

Viking Blood Eagle Ritual           

They say that the Viking blood eagle ritual (a ritual believed to be a human sacrifice to Odin the allfather) wasn't proven historically. However, it was said to have appeared in written texts and other Viking sources.           

Based on its name alone, you might have an idea of what this ritual is all about. Basically this ritual was done to depict an eagle on the body of the one who was chosen to be sacrificed. But keep in mind that this wasn’t done by drawing on the body. Rather, it was done by carving and turning the person’s ribs in order to imitate an eagle’s image on the body.                                   

Yes, you read that right! 

It already sounds painful but you’ll freak out even more to know that this was done while the person was still alive. Yikes!  

During this painful and excruciating ritual, the sacrificed person was positioned facing the ground and his back was open to the sky. The ritual would then begin by giving the victim a sharp and quick cut on the back. And in order to make it seem like he had wings like an eagle, his ribs would then be pulled away from his spine and stretched. Not only that, his lungs would be pulled out too and spread over his ribs. Aside from that, it would  also be carried out from his chest to also create an imitation of eagle wings in front.      

At this point, the victim was still sadly alive. They didn’t want him dead right away because they wanted him to experience and feel all the pain. 

Unfortunately, this ritual still remains a mystery if this was really done for sacrificial purposes. But despite the theory, this is still interesting and haunting to learn about for most people.       

And oh one more thing! To add more cruelty to this intense ritual, salt (oh no!) would sometimes be rubbed into his wounds once he had eagle-shaped wings. Uh-oh! 



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