Popular Weapons in Norse Mythology

Aside from gods and goddesses, Norse mythology also consisted of many magical weapons. Here are some of the most powerful and well known weapons that popular Norse personalities and figures used during battles:        

Gungnir Spear 

Gungnir was the famous spear of Odin the allfather that was created by dwarves from Svartalfheim who were experts in building and crafting weapons. This strong weapon could rival Thor’s hammer and was known as the “best spear ever” in Norse mythology. 

The Gungnir spear was given to Odin as a gift by Loki (Norse Trickster God) and it was known to never miss any of his targets. Some say that he even yelled "Odin Own You All” at the beginning of his battles which became a common VIking gesture. 

Mjolnir Hammer

Another popular weapon was the mighty Mjolnir hammer of Thor or the God of Thunder and Storm in Norse mythology. This was known to be made by very talented dwarves and was given to Thor by Loki to make amends for his antics and pranks. Aside from that, this weapon also never missed its targets so it wasn’t a hard thing for Thor to kill giants and other enemies during battle time.

Sumarbrandr Sword 

The Sumarbrandr was the magical sword of God Freyr who was Goddess Freya’s brother. It was derived from the words “Sumar” and “Brandr” which means summer and sword respectively. This automatic weapon could fight on its own and was even handed to giant Skirnir to help win the hand of a giantess named Gerdr. Unfortunately, Freyr got killed by fire giant Surt during Ragnarok with just a single stroke because he didn’t have his Sumarbrandr weapon when it happened.

Tyrfing Sword

One of the grandsons of Odin the allfather was the first owner of the Tyrfing sword. His name was Svafrlami who was known as the King of Gardariki. The two dwarves he captured in Norse mythology were the ones who created this weapon for him. However, they cursed this particular weapon to kill everyone it was drawn to because they were just forced to create it. This sword eventually killed King Svafrlami. 





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