Norse Mythology - Nine Worlds

There were nine worlds in Norse mythology and standing in the middle was the Yggdrasil or the Tree of Life. These realms expanded and stretched out from its roots down and side to side. Read on to find out more about them.                   


Asgard was the home to the Aesir gods in Norse mythology. Some of the gods that resided here were Odin the allfather (leader), Heimdall, Frigg, Thor and Baldur among others. 

One thing that most people knew about Asgard was its powerful walls that protected and encircled its residents from outside danger. Aside from that, it was also home to Valhalla or the Hall of the Fallen or Slain.


If Aesir gods lived in Asgard, the other groups of gods known as Vanir lived in Vanaheim. The Aesir were the principal gods while the Vanir were the less popular nature gods mainly associated with sorcery and magic in Norse mythology.


This realm was located below Asgard and the only place visible to the human eye in Norse mythology. This world was where humans lived and Bifrost or a Rainbow Bridge connected it with Asgard or the Land of the Aesir gods. It was said that humans find it hard to escape this place due to its impassable ocean where the sea serpent known as Jormungandr resided. 


There was a Land of the Bright Elves in Norse Mythology and it was called Alfheim. The ruler of this majestic location was Freyr, the god of fertility, peace, rain and sunshine.


If there was a realm for bright elves, there was also a home for black dwarves and it was known as Svartalfheim or Nidavellir in Norse mythology. These dwarves were skilled artisans and typically associated with darkness because they lived under rocks and caves.


Niflheim was the darkest and coldest region in Norse mythology. It was also known as the Land of Mist and Fog and reported to be the first of the nine realms. 


Muspelheim was the Land of Fire and Lava where different giants lived. Their leader Surtr would eventually set Midgard on fire with his fire sword during Ragnarok (end of the world in Norse mythology).


One of the biggest enemies of the Aesir gods were giants and one giant in particular named Jotun lived in Jotunheim. This place consisted of mostly wilderness, dense forest and rocks. It was said that only Jotun could tolerate this extra dark and cold place and that no humans could survive here. Some even say that Loki (Norse God Trickster) also came from this realm.


Helheim was the Land of the Dead in Norse mythology. Queen Hel lived here and it was said that everyone who went here would not feel any ounce of happiness, hope and joy ever again.             


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