Norse Gods and Goddesses 101 (Part 2)

In our previous blog post, we talked about Odin and some of the other major Gods and Goddesses in Norse mythology. You also learned that there were two clans that needed to work together for the greater good. Here are the other Gods and Goddesses that you should be familiar with if you’re interested to learn more about Norse mythology: 


Odin had another son with the whitest skin called Heimdall. He was known as the “shiniest” of all Gods and sat atop a rainbow bridge (connecting Midgard and Asgard). He was the watchman of Asgard due to his impressive eyesight, very good hearing and witty mind. His job was to guard and alert the other Gods of attacks by blowing his horn. 


Hel was the Goddess of the underworld in Norse mythology. As the ruler of the underworld, she nurtured and housed those who entered her realm. She was also known for her very pale skin. 


Vidar was a super strong God in Norse mythology and his powers and strength could only be matched by the mighty Thor. He was also one of the sons of Odin and was known to spend most of his time in his peaceful garden. During Ragnarok (doomsday), he killed Fenrir the wolf as an act of revenge for killing his father.


Vale was another son of Odin the allfather. After his brother Baldur was killed by Loki, he killed Hod (the blind God) who unknowingly pierced Baldur with a mistletoe.


Tyr was known to be the God of heroic glory and justice in Norse mythology. He was the only brave one and volunteered to approach Fenrir the wolf and became some sort of bait trap to catch him. Unfortunately, his braveness and baldness caused him to lose one of his hands from the wolf’s shocking bite. 


Njord was known to be the God of sea and seafarers. He was also the father of two popular twins in Norse mythology (Freya and Freyr). The name of his wife was Skadi (a giantess) but they broke up because his partner couldn’t tolerate the sound of sea waves in their home and preferred to live in a peaceful mountain instead.     


Aside from her beautiful features, Idun was also known to be the guardian of the apples of youth in Norse mythology. Without her apples, the Gods and Goddesses would quickly lose their youth and vitality. In order to prevent them from getting old and aging, she had to make sure there were plenty of apples of youth that all the Gods could devour. 

There's no denying that Norse folklore and mythology is very interesting and something that we can all immerse ourselves into whenever we want to let our imagination run wild during our spare time. If you want to learn more about Norse mythology and other Viking-related stuff then you could check out our previous blogs right here.  


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