Less Popular Weapons of the Vikings

We all know by now that Vikings were famous for their ferocious battles and success in their pillaging and ransaking efforts. They were savagely fierce, cruel and violent warriors that carried many deadly and popular weapons like swords, axes and spears. However, they also carried with them other powerful weapons which a lot of people may not be familiar with or something that we wouldn’t associate with the Vikings right away. Here are some of the less popular weapons of the Vikings:                         

The Atgeir

Aside from popular Viking weapons, the Vikings also used a weapon called Atgeir or Halberd. This particular weapon was a combination between a battle axe and a spear.  

One of the most famous tales about this weapon was the tale that mentioned a Viking warrior known as Gunnar Hamundarson. In this tale, Gunnar brought his long-shafted atgeir or halberd during his raids. He was said to be nearly invincible during combats and that he was very powerful because he could jump his own height.

This Viking weapon was just as mighty as the Viking axe because it was capable of thrusting enemies even from afar. It was also used by Viking warriors not just to cut and thrust but also a great aid in climbing the high fort. 


Apart from the Atgeir or Halberd, another lesser known Viking weapon was the Seax. This weapon was actually shaped like a little knife and the most popular type was the one with a one-edged blade. Due to its size, it’s possible that nearly any Viking warrior back in the day carried this in their belts or placed it behind their shields.

Even though this weapon was like a staple during raids and battles, most Vikings preferred not to slay their enemies using this in the beginning and middle of their activities. They preferred to use it to finish fights sometimes.


Another Viking weapon that’s not as popular as the others was the Javelin. This particular weapon was also useful and helpful and was mostly used as a missile weapon. 

When Viking warriors joined or took part in battles, each one of them had two or three javelins within their hands. The javelins that they used also had a similar design to Viking spears. 






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