Less Popular Norse Gods and Goddesses

We’re pretty sure you’re familiar and aware that there was a big system of Norse gods and goddesses in Norse mythology. Besides the popular and famous ones, there were other gods and goddesses that we don’t really know much about because they only played supporting roles or were only mentioned sparingly. Despite being less known and given less hype, the roles they played were still significant and influential because the stories and tales they were part of wouldn’t have been as complete and meaningful without them. Here are some of the less popular Norse gods and goddesses that you need to know more about:  


We all know that Odin and Frigg had a lot of children. Hodr was one of them and one of their less recognized sons in Norse mythology. He was actually the twin brother of god Baldur but he was blind. Unfortunately, he unintentionally killed Baldur because Loki (The Norse Trickster God) instructed him to throw a dart of mistletoe at his twin brother. Baldur instantly died and after his unintentional death, Hodr was killed by his brother Vali as an act of revenge for Baldur’s untimely passing. 


Another lesser known Aesir god was Honir or Hœnir. In order to seal the peace treaty among the two Norse god tribes, he was asked to be one of the exchanged hostages to come to live in Vanaheim (the home of the Vanir tribe of Norse gods). Aside from being known as one of the hostages from the Aesir tribe, he was also known for his indecisiveness and being dependent on a wise creature known as Mimir during his time in Vanaheim. 

Modi and Magni

Some of the less popular characters in Norse mythology were Modi (Brave) and Magni (Mighty). They were the children of mighty Thor and beautiful goddess Sif and possessed the positive traits and characteristics of their parents. These two gods were said to be one of the few who survived Ragnarok (end of the world in Norse mythology). Once the regeneration of Midgard (Earth in Norse mythology) took place, they inherited and carried their father’s Mjolnir hammer.  


Just like us, gods and goddesses in Norse mythology also liked to maintain their youthfulness and vitality. They asked help from Idunn (The Goddess of Youth) to save their beauty. All they had to do was to ask her to give them some youth apples that she guarded all the time. However, there was a time when she was kidnapped by a giant and her absence caused deterioration in their physical appearance. Luckily, they were able to retrieve and save her so they were all happy once they were able to get their fresh and younger looking faces back. 

Ve and Vili

There’s no denying that all Viking fans know about Odin the allfather. However, not a lot of people were familiar that he had two other brothers. Ve and Vili were his brothers and their parents were god Borr and giantess Bestla. They were known to appear at the beginning of the cosmos and the ones who killed the primeval god Ymir. 


There was little information about Dellingr and it wasn’t surprising that not a lot of fans knew he existed. He was actually an Aesir god as well and known to be the God of sunrise and shine in Norse mythology. He had a wife named Nat (or Nott) and they had a child named Dagr and these two personified day and night respectively. 



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