Huginn and Muninn – Odin’s companions

If you’re a fan of the Vikings then you've probably seen a picture or drawing of Odin the allfather with a pair of ravens perching on his shoulder. These animals were considered his companions and he called them Huginn and Muninn.             

Many cultures believe that ravens were often an omen of loss or death. However, that’s not exactly the case with their interpretation in Norse mythology works. 

Ravens were actually respected by Vikings due to their intimate bond with Odin (also known as the chief god of Aesir gods). These pair of ravens served as information providers to Odin and immensely helped him during his journey. 

Whenever Vikings saw or felt the presence of ravens, they would immediately associate that Odin the allfather was with them at that time. His presence was undeniably something that they valued and got a lot of courage from.

The names of these birds were said to mean “thought” (Huginn) and “memory” (Muninn). Based on the meaning of their names alone, it’s safe to say that they were the kind of animals to provide Odin the right insights to a particular situation. They were like his friends who guided him to make the right decisions and a pair that he could trust to assist him along the way. 

To give you more ideas on how these birds helped him, they usually flew over to different places every morning. After breakfast time, they would come back to Odin and perch on his shoulder. They would then whisper in his ears and report about what they had seen in the Nine Worlds. 

The information that Odin heard was something that he would use to gain more wisdom. He was said to be a nonstop seeker of knowledge; so everything that he had learned from the two ravens was something that he wouldn’t take for granted and could put to good use. 

Another interesting information worth sharing about Odin’s companions was that they helped him welcome and assist fallen warriors. These brave warriors who didn’t make it out alive during battles were said to be greeted to Valhalla by Odin and his pair of trusted buddies. 

Overall, it can be concluded from this blog post that Huginn and Muginn were definitely reliable and responsible. Their strong friendship and connection to Odin made them just as iconic as the allfather himself.        


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