How Children Lived During The Viking Age?

Remember when we were little and we couldn’t wait to grow up because we wanted to do grown up stuff? I believe we all had been through that phase during our childhood years. However, as we grew older and started getting more responsibilities, we suddenly realized how cool it was to be a kid because we got to take naps and problems were as simple as picking a crayon color or choosing which toy to get. Little did we know that we’ll face bigger problems down the line that’ll make us miss our childhood years that we sometimes took for granted.     

Let’s face it, we’re not the fictional character named “Peter Pan” who doesn’t age and remains a kid for the rest of his life. We become teenagers by 13 and adults by age 21. However, this wasn’t the case when it came to Viking children.

Viking Childrens’ Life

The transition phase from childhood to adulthood of the Vikings was actually faster than for the rest of us. They became adults once they turned 10 years old and they had to follow the footsteps of their parents and learn different things in order to survive.

Viking boys were usually responsible for fishing, farming and hunting. They would go with their fathers to learn how to do these tasks from them. Sometimes they would even be sent to the houses of relatives to learn and help out in a variety of tasks.

Aside from that, they also had to learn weapon use at such a young age. However, their chances of learning how to use swords were slim to none especially if their families were not that rich and wealthy. Children from poor and middle class families most of the time only got the chance to learn how to use spears, arrows and other inexpensive weapons like knives. Meanwhile, those that came from more affluent and powerful families were given the opportunity to learn not just to use weapons of all kinds, but also learned how to read runes. 

Now that you know what life was like for boys, it’s now time to talk about the life of the Viking girls. 

Viking girls were typically assigned to handle and work on tasks inside their homes. They learned a wide range of tasks from cooking, sewing, cleaning, weaving, alcohol brewing and meal preparation among others. There were times that they would also help on the farm during harvest season. All of these were done to prepare them when they get married and have their own families. 

Apart from the usual tasks, some of them were even trained by Viking female warriors or shieldmaidens so they know how to fight and protect themselves when the need arises.

That’s it. That’s how Viking children turned into adults and lived their lives during the Viking age. Although it was very different from the lives of kids in this present century, there’s no denying that the knowledge and experience they gained helped better prepare them to take on and get through this crazy yet wonderful thing called life.    


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