Here’s What You Need To Know About Viking Shields on the Sides of Ships

Apart from ships and axes, the Viking shields are one of the things that people clearly associate with the Vikings. Just having great weapon skills in battlefields ain’t enough though, these warriors also needed something that would act as a shelter against distant hails of arrows for instance during their rail-related travels. The good thing is that they had Viking shields that played a very important role during combat. However, a lot of people don’t know whether or not these shields were really placed on the sides of Viking ships or just exaggerated depictions and assumptions. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!             

It still remains a mystery up to this day

Unfortunately, there were no professional conclusions if Viking shields on the sides of ships are true. This matter is somehow similar to the question of whether the Vikings wore horned helmets or not. But the difference is that the concern regarding horned helmets has been clearly answered, while Viking shields on the side of ships is something that will probably remain a mystery as there was not enough evidence to back it up.

Some scholars believed that having this type of shield arrangement provided more room and protection in Vikings boats. But other scholars have questioned the authenticity of its historical existence. The non-believers argued that the Vikings just wanted to use their ships to transport them from one place to another in a fast and safe manner. Aside from that, it was also believed that some Vikings exaggerated this for aesthetic purposes and just wanted to show off their power to instill fear in their enemies.          



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