Here’s How to Toast like a Viking

The drinking tradition of the Vikings was not just about chugging down beverages during big feasts and celebrations. In fact, they valued this tradition because it was already part of their ancestral heritage and lifestyle.

If you are a modern day Viking and want to truly live and breathe the real toasting style of the Vikings back in the day then keep reading this article. 

Choose a good drink

The Vikings usually drank mead and preferred it more than any other beverage. This particular beverage was considered to be a sacred drink and one of the reasons why it was very popular in the Viking community. In fact, the Mead of Poetry in Norse mythology was made from the blood of the smartest and wittiest Norse creature. This creature was a force to be reckoned with because he could persuade anyone with words. This was the reason why the Vikings started incorporating mead drinking during formal ceremonies and rituals.

Aside from mead, other drinks that are Viking toast-worthy were ale or beer. You could also go for something traditional like glogg, a type of seasonal Scandinavian mulled wine.

Use a good cup 

To make the drinking experience even better, there’s no denying that a good and reliable drinking horn could go a long way. Odin the allfather drank mead using drinking horns in Norse mythology and you should too! However, don’t just buy any drinking horns for the sake of doing so. You should be wise enough and buy one from trusted brands like Viking Lair. We only sell original and authentic drinking horns. They sell out very quickly; like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram to get updates from us when the horns are back in stock. 

Say the right words with conviction

The act of toasting shouldn’t end with just raising your drinking horn and then drinking afterwards. You should also say certain words with conviction and add personalized messages before gulping your favorite Viking beverage with your family and friends. 

Do it during an important occasion or milestone in life.

Happiness is about those great unforgettable moments in life and what better way to make an occasion extra memorable than by celebrating it with people who mean the most to you. Make every toast heartfelt and do it during special events so that everyone can look back on this memory in the near future. Viking toasting culture is all about showing some love and creating moments worth remembering. 

Do you have an upcoming event worthy of a Viking toast? Leave a comment down below and share it with us. We’d love to hear from you!          

Happy holidays!        

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