Here’s How Thor Retrieved His Hammer After It Was Stolen From Him

There’s no denying that Norse mythology is full of interesting tales. Some people find other stories interesting, while others can’t get over a number of awkward and funny tales. It’s safe to say that despite the mixed views, it’s a fantastic way to learn more about the different Gods, Goddesses and other beings.                 

One of the tales that always stood out was how Thor retrieved his stolen hammer. One day, he woke up and found out that there was something wrong. He was indeed right because his mighty Mjolnir hammer was missing. He tried searching for his prized possession everywhere but he couldn't find it. Since his quest to find his missing hammer was not successful, he assumed that Loki could be the one behind it since we all know by now that Loki was a prankster. 

So Thor went to Loki and asked him in an angry manner if he was the one behind his missing hammer. Loki responded and told him that he had no idea where Thor placed his hammer so he couldn’t have stolen it in the first place.

Thor eventually believed the prankster God. However, Loki wasn’t really the one who stole Thor’s hammer but he knew who did it. He wanted to keep his mouth shut about it because he had another plan in mind. 

Thor and Loki then went to Goddess Freya. Loki asked her if he could borrow her magical feathers that would give him the opportunity to have bird wings. Freya agreed and Loki used her wings and flew to Jotunheim (the land of the giant). He met a giant named Thrym in there and he basically told him that Thor’s hammer was missing. The giant admitted to Loki that he was the one who stole it and hid it eight miles below the earth.          

When Loki expressed his interest to get Thor’s hammer back from him, the giant said he wanted Freya as his bride in exchange for that weapon. However, Loki couldn’t make up his mind so he decided to fly back to Asgard. Once he got there, he told everything he knew to the Aesir gods and Freya obviously disagreed with Thrym’s request.   

The Gods gathered and talked about the stolen hammer.They knew how important it was for Thor because he used that weapon to defend them and Asgard from evil forces. Losing it was a hard pill to swallow since it meant that the degree of their protection would diminish. It was also something that Thor had always brought with him so they decided that they wanted it back not just for his sake but for them as well. 

Heimdall (Asgard’s ever-vigilant guardian) came up with an idea. His idea was for Thor to disguise as Freya. However, Thor refused to do that because a muscular God like him couldn’t wear a wedding dress and be able to kiss a giant. But because that was the only plan of Heimdall, he had no choice but to go with his plan and eventually disguised himself as Freya the bride.

In order for their plan to be successful, the Gods and other beings helped change his appearance so that he would resemble the goddess Freya. He even wore some of Freya’s jewelry after putting on a wedding dress.

After the major transformation, Loki accompanied Thor to Jotunheim as a bridesmaid in a goat-pulled chariot. Thrym the giant was patiently waiting for them and prepared a hall feast in advance. During the feast, the giant was impressed by Freya because she could eat a whole ox, drink three vessels of mead, eat eight salmons and devour an entire wedding cake. 

Loki obviously knew what was up and apologized to the giant about Freya’s behavior. He told the giant that his soon to be wife was so excited for their wedding that she did not eat anything for days. After that, Thrym wanted to kiss Freya so he lifted the veil and was surprised to see her eyes were so red. Loki came to the rescue again and told him that his bride cried tears of joy prior to their meeting.           

When their wedding day came to an end, the giant asked his servants to bring the hammer and placed it on Freya’s lap for the blessing. However, as soon as Freya the bride or the real Thor felt it in his/her lap, he/she immediately used it to kill Thrym the giant and his family.      

That’s it. That’s the story of how Thor retrieved his hammer after it was stolen from him by Thrym. Transforming as a girl was something he was uncomfortable with at first but ultimately he had to do what he had to do in order to get his mighty Mjolnir back.                                



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