Here’s How Humans Could Travel To Asgard

Asgard was one of the most sought after places where Norse men wanted to spend their life in the afterlife. This was a holy place where the gods lived and it was located on top of the Yggdrasil (Tree of Life). Unfortunately, humans couldn’t directly go there. However, there was a way they could travel from Midgard to Asgard. Keep reading this article to find out more information.                      

Midgard to Asgard through a bridge   

There was a bridge in Norse mythology called Bifrost. It was described as an unstable and fleeting rainbow bridge that touched Midgard from Asgard. There were even some Norse tales that mentioned that Odin the allfather was the one who created this bridge using water, fire and air.

If you’re familiar with Ragnarok (end of the world) in Norse mythology then this particular bridge that Odin made from three elements was also destroyed during doomsday. Before doomsday happened, there were a series of disasters that took place that rattled and caused chaos and destruction in the cosmos.     

The first sign was Baldur’s death. When that happened, Heimdall (Asgard’s guardsman) blew his horn called Gjallarhorn to alert and alarm everyone that Ragnarok had started. They chose him to watch the bridge because he was said to require less sleep than a bird, his eyes were as sharp as an eagle and that his ears were keen enough that he could even hear the sounds of growing grass.      

It was also possible for Heimdall to see what was happening even from a distance because his hall called Himinbjörg was located at Bifrost’s highest point. He also owned a golden horse called Gulltoppr that carried him across the bridge that made it easier for him to travel back and forth.      

On the day of Ragnarok, Heimdall blew his horn to let the Aesir gods know that intruders were coming and they must be ready to fight the battle of their lives. During the same event, Heimdall and Loki fought and killed each other.               



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