Dwarves in Norse Mythology

Even though dwarves in Norse mythology weren’t mentioned as much as Norse gods, giants and other beings, it doesn’t mean that we should disregard them to any extent. They only played supporting roles but their contributions were incredibly significant.                                  

These talented and strong dwarves were actually a fantastic source of prized possessions. They were considered the most skillful in terms of craftsmanship since they could create attractive looking treasures that weren’t no match to the work of others. 

Ever since the creation of the cosmos,  dwarves in Norse mythology were sent in four different directions. They were asked to do that in order for them to hold four corners of the sky up for the first gods due to the fear that the sky would collapse. This is a great proof that their strength was impressive and applaudable. 

These creatures usually lived in caves or under rocks and stones and majority of the items they made were created in a place called Svartalfheim ot the Land of the Black Dwarves. Some of the most popular and iconic items that they crafted were Odin the allfather’s gungnir spear, Thor’s hammer called Mjolnir, Freyr’s ship called Skidbladnir, Freya’s necklace called Brisingamen and Sif’s beautiful golden hair which was Loki’s gift to Thor’s wife after he cut her hair as a prank.

These are some famous items but other treasures in Norse mythology were mentioned too such as the golden ring called Draupnir and another ship for Freyr called Gullinbursti among others.        




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