Discovered Viking Ship Excavated After Centuries

A Viking ship in Gjellestad that was discovered in 2018 is now being excavated by Norwegian archaeologists. Archeologists realized that they needed to do something about it because it was being attacked by fungus. The ship involved in this excavation project belonged to a part of a Viking burial mound. According to reports, it was initially built by Scandinavian seafarers for their raids across Europe. 

If you remember my blog post last February about Viking Funerals, I said there that Norse men and women with high authority/influence were buried with their actual boats. Back in the day, only those wealthy and affluent Vikings could be buried and have a ship inside their tombs.          

The Norwegian government decided to fund this project as a way to further understand Viking burial traditions. Professional archaeologists used a land penetrating radar in this Viking age site to detect this ship. Based on the radar images, they learned that the ship’s lower timber and keel are still intact. They were looking for the missing parts of the hull but it’s no longer there probably due to farmers plowing.

Ever since its discovery, a lot of people are curious to find out what’s inside. They wanted archaeologists to dig it up and preserve it. However, other people said that they should show respect and shouldn’t disturb the tomb. 

As of this writing, it’s not yet clear when they will finish the ship’s excavation process. On a positive note, it’s better late than never for this ship to be the fourth ship to be excavated in Viking history!             

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