Asgard Wall or Asgard Fortification

Asgard is a desirable place in Norse mythology associated with the Aesir gods up in the sky. This is where respected gods lived and enjoyed the convenience of being protected from the chaos and trouble from the outside world.          

Asgard is a safe haven for the Aesir gods and a place where peace and happiness is abundant. It was also known to have its own shield called the Asgard Wall or Asgard Fortification. 

Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t built by the gods themselves. It was actually established by a giant builder with outstanding skills.

It happened when the builder visited Asgard and requested the gods to allow him to create a protective wall or barrier around their home against evil and dark forces. But there’s a catch though. The payment for his hard work was not just the Moon and Sun, but also for Freya to be his bride which the goddess wasn’t a fan of. 

The Aesir gods didn’t grant his request right away as they had to assemble and discuss first if they should allow him to work for them. Loki (the trickster God) then came up with an idea to allow the giant to work on the Asgard walls for one season without any help aside from his beloved horse. The gods surprisingly agreed with Loki. 

The giant then started working on the Asgard walls. He worked day and night along with his horse (who worked twice as hard as him) and the gods were utterly impressed by his building skills. After a while, the Gods became fearful as the realization of losing Freya hit them. It was when the walls were days away from being finished that they realized that the builder was actually a giant. 

The gods then blamed Loki for his bad advice because they had to give up the Sun, Moon and Freya upon completion of the walls of Asgard. Loki told them not to worry and that he will find a solution to spare him from suffering the consequences of his actions.

That night, Loki transformed into a mare (female horse) and decided to seduce the giant’s horse named Svadilfari. The horse kept chasing the mare version of Loki all night. Once the giant discovered that his horse was missing, he was so worried because he would have a hard time finishing the job before its deadline. This made him furious and he planned to smash Asgard. Luckily, the gods didn’t let him do that to them. They knew what the giant was about to do so they used the Mjolnir hammer to smash his skull into pieces.

You’re probably wondering what happened to his horse? Since Loki turned into a girl horse to seduce the giant’s horse, they hooked up and Loki eventually gave birth to a horse. This horse later became the favorite horse of Odin the allfather and he was known in Norse mythology as Sleipnir.          


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