Another Viking Ship Found on Edøya Island

After discovering their first ever Viking ship on Edøya island last year, a group of Norwegian archaeologists declared that they found another one via georadar survey. Their efforts paid off again after their full-blown investigation around the island.   

The remains of this 1,000-year-old, eight-oared Viking vessel is similar to the first one they found in late 2019. The ship is 40 feet and its location is less than 500 feet away from the first Viking ship. 

Edoya used to be out of the spotlight but these recent finds strengthened its Viking power center status. Discoveries such as this are vital to bring new information and decipher the old Viking way of life in this particular island. This island might be pretty small, about 7.5km2 (2.9 square miles) in size but there could be more remains here that could give us more information about this interesting era in European history. 

Aside from the second ship, they also identified five burial mounds and two houses in this rising Viking age site.                              

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