7 Interesting Things About Goddess Freya

Did you know that every Friday the 13th is Freya’s Day? If you didn’t then now you know! ;) There are also many theories out there as to why Fridays that fall on the 13th day of the month are considered unlucky. But that’s not what we’re going to talk about today as we’ll focus rather on discussing different interesting things about Goddess Freya, the goddess of love, sex, fertility, warfare, magic, beauty, witchcraft, and death. If you’d like to learn more about her then read on:   

  • Even if she was a goddess, she didn’t come from the tribe where Odin the allfather and Thor came from. Rather, Goddess Freya was part of another tribe called Vanir. The ones who were part of this tribe were said to possess natural magic, had strong connections to the Earth/Midgard, and were born to be knowledgeable in runes and witchcraft.                   
  • Even though she was considered the goddess of love, Freya was the one behind the conflict between the two tribes. In Norse mythology, the Aesir-Vanir war happened because of her. So Freya decided to disguise herself and spread her power through travelling. The gods then decided to learn more about this mysterious figure by commissioning her to go to Asgard to see what Freya in disguise was capable of. However, they weren’t happy when they realized and it hit them that they revealed their shortcomings with this figure.  So they murdered her and burned her three times. But to their surprise, she was still able to come out safe and alive like nothing happened to her. Once members of the Vanir tribe learned about what they did to the goddess, the war between the two tribes began. They fought day and night but no tribe emerged victorious. In the end, they decided to end the war with a peace treaty.          
  • Freya wasn’t called the goddess of beauty for nothing. She was so beautiful that her looks captivated and charmed different species. Even though a lot of species fell for her, the heart of the goddess belonged to her husband Odr. Unfortunately, the love of her life disappeared out of the blue and it broke her heart when she couldn’t find him. She was so devastated about his mysterious disappearance that the tears from her eyes became precious stones that the dwarves craved for.          
  • Since Freya was a goddess, it’s not surprising that she had her own chariot. What’s interesting is that it was pulled by two male cats named Bygul and Trjegul.
  • Many warriors aspired to go to Odin’s realm called Valhalla when they died. Unfortunately, not everyone was worthy and given the chance. Some warriors went to and ended up in Goddess Freya’s realm called Fólkvangr.         
  • During her travels, Goddess Freya came across four dwarves. She was so impressed by their craftsmanship that she asked them to create a shiny and sparkly necklace just for her and it was called Brisingamen.       
  • Hildisvini was the name of Goddess Freya's boar. It was believed that this boar used to be her faithful companion named Ottar.           






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