6 Weirdest Norse Myths

Even though Norse mythology had become a great source of inspiration and entertainment for us, there’s no denying that it’s a very broad subject with awkward stories. Here are some of them:     

Cosmos made of body parts           

There was nothing but complete darkness during the beginning of the cosmos in Norse mythology. Life only began to appear during the time the lava melted the ice and from this drop came Ymir, the first ever giant. After Ymir, other creatures and beings followed. Odin the allfather and his brothers were the third generation and they eventually killed the first giant. They used his body parts for different reasons. For instance, they used his teeth for the cliffs, brain for the clouds, skull for the sky, blood for the ocean and bones for the mountains.         

Loki's mouth sewed by dwarves                           

We all know that Loki is very sneaky and this is why he was known as the “Norse Trickster God.” He was always looking for ways to stir things up. One day he decided to prank someone from Asgard and his victim that day was Sif who happens to be Thor’s wife.         

Sif was popular for her beautiful golden hair and that’s what Loki intentionally messed with. He intentionally cut it without thinking about the consequences of his actions. This infuriated her husband and made Thor want to beat the h*ll out of him. However, the “Up To No Good” god managed to bargain his way out of the trouble he got himself into by promising to give the couple some gifts. 

Loki then went to Svartalfheim or The Land Dwarves and asked a group of dwarves to create lovely peace offerings. He also ridiculed another group of dwarves and told them they probably weren’t capable of coming up with something better and bet his head for it. However, they managed to create Thor’s Mjolnir Hammer. This made Loki lose the bet and he was lucky enough that he wasn’t beheaded by the dwarves. The only thing they did to him was to sew his mouth with leather. 

The God of Thunder disguised as a bride             

Thor woke up one day and found out that his Mjolnir hammer was missing. It was stolen by Thrymr the giant and he claimed that he would give it back once Freya became his bride. But that didn’t happen because she wasn’t interested in him in the first place. Heimdall (Asgard’s ever-vigilant guardian) then came up with an idea to disguise Thor as Freya so that he would be able to retrieve his hammer. 

Thor was hesitant at first but eventually agreed to do it. After the wedding ceremony, Thrymr asked his servants to bring the hammer and placed it on Freya’s lap for the blessing. However, as soon as Thor (disguised as Freya) felt it in his lap, he immediately used it to kill the giant and his family.     

Loki became a mom to eight-legged horse                      

There was a giant builder who went to Asgard and proposed to build a protective wall. The gods allowed him to work on it even though his requested payment for this kind of work was the Sun, the Moon, and Freya’s hand in marriage.The reason why they did that was because they felt that he wouldn’t finish everything on time. However, they were caught off guard by how fast his work has progressed. This shocked them and they became afraid of losing the Sun, the Moon, and goddess Freya.        

Loki then decided to shapeshift himself into a mare to distract the giant and his stallion. He lured his stallion and they chased after each other in the jungle until Loki (disguised as a mare) eventually mothered an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir. 

Loki's notorious children

Aside from Sleipnir, Loki had other children. These are his children with giantess Angrboda: 

1. Fenrir the wolf who fought with Odin the allfather and swallowed him afterwards during Ragnarok

2. Jormungandr the serpent who poisoned the whole sea and sky in Midgard

3. Hel or the Norse goddess of the dead who led her dead army to fight with the gods.

Mistletoe as a murder weapon        

Baldur was one of Odin the allfather’s sons and he was loved by many. One night, he had dreamed about his own death and this was confirmed by an underworld seeress who told him that their people were waiting for him on the other side.        

In order to prevent Baldur from his untimely demise, Queen Frigg (his mom) asked all the beings in the cosmos not to harm him with a mistletoe. When Loki found out that it was the only thing that could kill Baldur, he took advantage of this and tricked the blind God Hodr to throw a mistletoe arrow at him and unfortunately he died on the spot which devastated his family.              

Norse mythology is such a broad and interesting subject that it’s not hard to come across stories that seem a little weird at first but nevertheless, there’s something that we can learn from these even though these stories were just formed using human imagination.     





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