6 Norse Figures Who Empowered The Vikings - Part 2

In our last blog post, we talked about Tyr, Odin and Thor. These three gods empowered the Vikings a lot but in today’s post, we will talk about Freya, Frigg, and Bragi. These three gods were also worshipped by them and were held in high esteem.                                                        


Freya was the daughter of Njord (Norse Vanir God of Seas). She had a twin brother known as Freyr (God of Summer and Sunshine). She was known for her incredible beauty and striking aura that captivated almost any creatures and races in the cosmos. In this regard, there’s no denying that she never lacked suitors. But despite all the love and admiration for her, only a mysterious figure named Odr was the lucky guy that won her heart. Unfortunately, his sudden disappearance caught her off guard and broke her heart. This made Freya long for her husband and she travelled the whole cosmos just to look for him. 

The Vikings also worshipped her because she was not just the goddess of beauty, but she was also known as the goddess of war in Norse mythology. In line with this, half of the einherjar or fallen warriors came and dwelled with her in Folkvang (The Field of the People), while the rest joined Odin the allfather in Valhalla (Hall of the Slain).  


Frigg (Viking Goddess of Love, Motherhood, and Calm) was the wife of Odin the allfather. Being the wife of the chief Aesir god made her the chief Aesir goddess. 

One of the most touching stories in Norse mythology was when Baldur dreamed about his death. Since a mother’s love is unconditional, she wanted the best for her son. After that dream, she tried whatever she could do just to prevent his son from dying. So she traveled to all the nine realms and asked different creatures not to harm Baldur with a mistletoe. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried, no one could alter one’s destiny, even gods and goddesses.                                                                  

When Baldur died, Frigg was so devastated. It was so heartbreaking for her to lose someone she was trying to save from death that she collapsed. But she was such a resilient and strong woman that despite still being in a state of shock and mourning, she picked herself up, composed herself and planned to look for another solution. However, her plan of going to Helheim (Realm of the Dead) wasn’t successful because Baldur eventually came back to life once the regeneration took place after Ragnarok.

As the foremost goddess among all the goddesses, she was also associated with wisdom and foresight. This was the reason why the Vikings got empowered by her. 


Bragi was one of the sons of Odin the allfather and he was known as the husband of Idunn (Aesir Guardian of the Golden Apples). He was one of the gods who the Vikings worshipped as well because we all know that they loved to feast and have a good time. It’s not surprising because he was the god of entertainment, music, poetry, and eloquence. He even had his own bench in Valhalla and played music for the einherjars. Aside from that, he was appreciated and looked up to by the Vikings because he made people feel at home with his encouraging, supportive and warm words.   




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