4 Weird Viking Wedding Rituals and Traditions You're Probably Not Aware Of

There’s no denying that different cultures in the world have different traditions. What’s normal for one culture may seem outlandish and far-fetched for others. The complexity of the Norse culture is fascinating and can be quite addicting as you get to know more about what went down in history.

If you’re a fan of the Vikings TV series then you definitely know the real names of the popular characters on that show, especially Travis Fimmel and Katheryn Winnick, who portrayed King Ragnar and Queen Lagertha respectively.

As popular as the show may be, it’s safe to say that there are also some not-so-popular and downright peculiar information about Viking wedding rituals and traditions that you’re probably not aware of at this point. Here are some of them:  


1. Newly married couples were assisted right before love-making

One of the things that newly-weds probably look forward to after the wedding ceremony and party is  the consummation that will take place. However, they can’t just start undressing and get lost in the heat of the moment right then and there. They first have to be escorted and walked to bed by at least six witnesses just so they could be sure that the recently concluded marriage was valid. 

Sometimes marriage isn’t enough. They have to see the newly-wed Viking couple together one last time before they do the deed in order to seal the deal and erase any doubts and apprehensions they may have regarding the lovers. 


2. Getting high on bridal-ale is required

Yes, you read that right! It’s mandatory and a legal requirement for them to get drunk and this information may come as an absolute shock because we live in a day and age where we’re used to seeing different ads about drinking responsibly and how staying sober is a must. 

After the post-wedding celebration, the newly married couple’s union was bounded and can move forward if their bridal-ale can last them for a month. This drink (usually honey-based mead) was required to be drunk throughout the duration of their honeymoon and the first serving was usually presented by the wife to his groom and they make a toast to Odin and Freyja before drinking.


3. The bride’s lap is blessed by Thor’s manhood

It is highly symbolic for the Norse people to blessed by the almighty God of Thunder and the female population is no exception. During the feast, a simulacrum of Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer), will be placed in the bride’s lap, specifically in between her genitals and womb. Doing this intimate ritual is a way for the ladies to truly get blessed and feel the strong presence and protection down there from the son of the chief of the Gods.


4. Animal sacrifice is needed in order to save a marriage

A lot of people have done surprising things out of love in the past like soon-to-be Kings/Queens giving up their royal titles in order to marry commoners or a couple getting plastic surgery in order to look like each other. But with Viking marriages, they usually kill goats, sow or horses, which are associated with different gods of fertility. The blood from these butchered animals will be placed in a container and they will have fir-twigs dipped in it and then gloriously sprinkled to the couple to get the blessings that they are longing for just to save a relationship.


There you have it. These are just some of the weird rituals and traditions from Norse culture that you’re probably not aware of until now. Watch out for our upcoming blogs to learn more interesting and cool stuff about Viking people. 




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