3 Viking Inventions That We Still Use

There’s no denying that the influence of the Vikings was widespread. They left an incredible mark in society and their inventions have made a significant contribution in our lives in one way or another. Having said that, we still utilize some of their inventions even up to this day and age. So in this blog post, we’ll talk about some of them. Let’s get started!           

The Bristled Comb

The Vikings left behind many things and one of the things archeologists found in ancient Viking sites were Viking bristled combs. These combs may have had varying tooth width but they actually paved the way for modern Western combs that we have right now. The Viking model of bristled comb was used to groom the beard and hair of the Vikings back in the day, and we also use modern age bristled combs the same way to keep ourselves as tidy and neat looking as possible.   


Another cool thing about the Vikings was that they also had punishments back in the day, and these punishments for people who broke different laws had their respective fines. But big crime violators way back then weren’t given fines, they were given death sentences instead. This was decided during “The Thing”, a public assembly where Viking freemen gathered to discuss and decide what kind of punishment each law breaker would get.  The bigger the crime, the bigger the chances that Viking violators would be executed. 

While paying fines was normal for the Vikings, there were ancient Viking tribes in the past that were said to pay blood for small crimes. And while this is something that we don’t do in the 21st century, it’s safe to say that paying for fines is something that our society is doing even now.      


Skiing is one of the most well known Viking recreational activities that the Vikings took part of. There are lots of different ski types around the world and this wouldn’t have been possible without the inspiration from Viking skiings. There was even a giantess of skiing in Norse mythology known as Skadi.     



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