21st Century: 5 Ways The Vikings Are Still Living With Us

All the ransacking and pillaging of the Vikings are now long gone. But there’s no denying that the influence of these fearless warriors are still with us up to this day and age. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about 5 ways the Vikings are still living with us in this present century. Read on to find out what they are.       

1. The Bluetooth Symbol     

Did you know that the bluetooth symbol and name originated from the Vikings? Yes, you read that right! It actually came from a respected Viking King named Harald Blatand whose name means Bluetooth when translated. Also, the Bluetooth symbol was actually the runic letter of King Harald Blatand’s initials.                        

2. A lot of English words originated from the Old Norse language

Did you know that Vikings and British people began to trade with each other during the 9th century? This was the reason why a lot of Old Norse words and phrases were used and adapted in the English language.  

3. Dublin, Ireland

It was believed that the Vikings founded Dublin, Ireland in 841 AD. During that time, it was named after a lake called "Dubh Linn" (meaning “black pool”)  where they used to rest their ships. After reigning for years on this place, the Irish fought and took over this city in 1014.                            

4. Being clean 

Despite living in earlier times, the Vikings were pretty hygienic people. If medieval people back in the day only bathed twice a year, the Vikings did it way more! In fact, historians said that they bathed 1 or 2 times a week. This means that they were cleaner and smelled better than other groups of people in Europe at that time. 

Since the Vikings cared a lot about their appearance, it’s not surprising to know that they washed their hands and faces on a daily basis too. Some accounts even claimed that they didn’t like sharing the water they used. 

Also, it was a common tradition to bury them with their personal hygiene items such as tweezers, shaving razors and combs.   

5. Skiing  

Skiing wasn’t that popular back in the day. And although the Vikings weren’t the ones who created and discovered skiing, they were actually the ones who made it more popular in Europe. They even worshipped Skadi (giantess of skiing). 

One of the reasons why they fancied skiing was that it was difficult for them to walk during seasons when there was a lot of snow. To make travelling easier, they resorted to skiing to get to their destination faster.         



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